Ibersol Travel Spain has a presence in 10 national airports, with a total of 29 brands where it offers the traveler a food & beverage offer adapted to their needs, seeking total customer satisfaction on their trip as the main objective.

Barcelona airport

Barcelona-El Prat Airport has established itself as a leading strategic enclave in the European Med region. It is the second largest international airport in Spain, the largest on the Mediterranean coast, and the tenth in terms of passenger traffic from Europe.

It ended 2018 beating the record figures from 2017, with a total of 50.1 million passengers, 6.1% more than the year before -335.651 operations, an increase of 3.7%- and 172.939 tonnes transported.

Once the construction work associated with the new contracts awarded in early 2017 is complete, Ibersol will have 19 restaurants spread out between terminals T1 and T2. A total of 11 brands spanning the culinary spectrum, including fast food products with Pans&Company, coffee bars like Caffè di Fiore and Coffee Republic, international pub chain Innis&Gun, premium tapas with Piscolabis, Grab&Go and health food with Go Natural, Central Café and Pret A Manger. Italian, Asian and local cuisine will also be offered to complete the new and varied eating options and to respond to the trends and increasingly exacting demands of travellers.

Pret a Manager

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Madrid airport

Over 57.8 million passengers passed through Madrid Airport last year, making it Spain’s busiest.

Ibersol Travel Spain currently has an establishment at Madrid Barajas Airport, specifically in T4 a Grab&Go under the international brand EAT.

Local Eat. en Aeropuerto de Madrid

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Tenerife airport

Tenerife South Airport consists of a single terminal, which is very saturated. In 2019 it had 11.2MM pax. (7th airport in Spain).
A new satellite area was recently added for non-Schengen passengers, a third of the airport’s total.

It is a very stable airport with traffic, around 11 million. Even though it is an almost exclusively international airport, it has always remained the seventh airport in Spain despite the pandemic, Brexit, etc. It has been very limited in space. which made it impossible to exceed those 11 MM pax, but with the opening of the new non-Schengen terminal it now has a capacity of 13 MM pax, as can be seen in the graph.

Aeropuerto Tenerife

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Lanzarote airport

Lanzarote Airport, located 5 kilometres from Arrecife, has played an important role in the extraordinary tourism development of the island. Most of its traffic is with countries from the European Union, with the United Kingdom and Germany representing over half of the international traffic.

In 2018, the airport processed 7.327.01 passengers and it had 60.995 flight operations.

Ibersol Travel España has 7 restaurants with on-trend concepts, such as Food Garden, where customers can enjoy different styles of Market Cuisine, coffee shops such as Caffè Di Fiore and Coffee Republic. English pubs like Four Arrows, fast food with Pans and themed bars such as Tropica.

Local Coffe Republic en Aeropuerto de Lanzarote

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Gran Canaria airport

El aeropuerto de Gran Canaria es el aeropuerto con más tráfico de todas las islas, según datos oficiales de cierre de 2017. Representa un punto estratégico para la entrada de turistas internacionales al archipiélago canario, pues el 60% de los pasajeros son de origen extranjero.

En 2018 alcanzó los 13 millones de pasajeros y registró 131.030 operaciones de vuelo.

Ibersol Travel España gestiona 5 locales con marcas esencialmente cafeteras como Caffè di Fiore, CafePans y Coffe Republic, asi como la enseña Cervecera y de Tapeo de EatOut, Dehesa Santamaría.

Local Pans&Company en Aeropuerto de Gran Canaria

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Malaga airport

Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport is the tenth largest Spanish airport and one of the original destinations of the first airline established in Spain in 1919. Most of the airport’s traffic is from the European Union.

The United Kingdom provides the highest volume of passengers, with London-Gatwick heading the list, followed by Manchester. These British airports are followed by Dublin, Brussels, Charles de Gaulle, Amsterdam-Schiphol and Copenhagen.

In 2018, it handled 19 million passengers and 141.313 flight operations.

Ibersol Travel España will run 6 restaurants, including two Dehesa Santamaría, the quintessential tavern, offering a wide variety of tapas and servings and the best Iberian cold meats, one Grab&Go under the Eat international brand, fast food from Pans&Company and coffee shops like Caffè di Fiore and Café Pans.

Local Santamaría en Aeropuerto de Málaga

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Alicante airport

The Alicante Airport, officially the Alicante-Elche Airport, closed out 2018 with a traffic volume of 13.9 million passengers, becoming the fifth busiest airport in Spain. It is the gateway to the Costa Blanca region, and also services the regions of Valencia and Murcia. It is 9 kilometres away from the city of Alicante.

Ibersol Travel España will also manage one Grab&Go at the airport under the international EAT brand, and one FOODMARKET with an appealing marketplace design that will feature product showcase and showcooking, with a full range of eating options, including Central Café, Wok Street, Ribs and Cafepans.

Local Eat. en el Aeropuerto de Alicante

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