Ibersol Travel Spain has a presence in 8 national airports, with a total of 23 brands where it offers the traveler a food & beverage offer adapted to their needs, seeking total customer satisfaction on their trip as the main objective.

Barcelona airport

The Barcelona-El Prat airport has established itself as a strategic reference enclave in the Euro-Mediterranean space. It is the second largest international airport in Spain, the first on the Mediterranean coast, and the tenth with the most passenger traffic in Europe.

Once the COVID pandemic ended, the airport exceeded 41,6 million passengers in 2022. Before, in 2019, more than 52 million passengers passed through the facilities of the Catalan airport. Barcelona airport is the sixth busiest airport in Europe for passenger traffic.

Ibersol Travel has 20 restaurants spread between terminal T1 and T2. A total of 12 brands that will cover a wide culinary offer, from Fast Food concepts with Pans&Company; Coffee shops like Caffè di Fiore and Coffee Republic; Healthy concepts with Go Natural, Central Café and Pret A Manger. Other brands of Italian, Asian and local gastronomy will complete a new and varied offer, responding to trends and increasingly demanding traveler demands.

Pret a Manager

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Madrid airport

Madrid airport is the first Spanish airport in terms of passenger traffic, air cargo and number of operations. It occupies the 5th position in the classification of European airports according to data from the Eurostat Agency, and is the fifteenth in the world for passenger traffic, according to ACI statistics.

It has four passenger terminals, an Executive Terminal, an air cargo center and two main hangar areas, one in the Old Industrial Area, between T3 and T4, and another in the La Muñoza Industrial Area.

Ibersol Travel is present with 10 locations with brands such as Central Café, Dehesa Santamaría, Café Pans and during 2024 the remodelings will be carried out with which we add to the portfolio with flagships such as Cañas y Tapas, Coffee Republic and Pret a Manger.

Central Café en Aeropuerto Málaga

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Tenerife airport

Tenerife South Airport consists of a single terminal, which is very saturated. In 2019 it had 11.2 million pax. (7th airport in Spain). A new satellite area was recently added for non-Schengen passengers, a third of the airport’s total.

It is a very stable airport with traffic, around 11 million. Even though it is an almost exclusively international airport, it has always remained the seventh airport in Spain despite the pandemic, Brexit, etc. It has been very limited in space. which made it impossible to exceed those 11 million pax, but with the opening of the new non-Schengen terminal it now has a capacity of 13 million pax, as can be seen in the graph.

Aeropuerto Tenerife

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Lanzarote airport

Lanzarote Airport is an airport located at a distance of 5 km. from Arrecife, capital of Lanzarote, an island in the Canary archipelago in the province of Las Palmas (Spain) that occupies third place in the country in terms of the number of passengers, the majority of which come from the European Union, Germany and the United Kingdom, and to a lesser extent measure of national destinations.

With passenger traffic that exceeds 5 and a half million a year and a landing and take-off runway of 2,400 meters. Its facilities house the Lanzarote Airport Aeronautical Museum and every year activities are held such as Kite Day and the International Volcanology Course.

Ibersol Travel Spain has 11 restaurants with highly trending concepts such as Pret a Manger, KFC, Pizza Hut, Wok Street, Cafes such as Caffè Di Fiore, Coffe Republic and Café Pans, and in the coming months they will be present also the brands Dehesa Santamaría and Carlsberg, national and international breweries respectively.

Locales Ibersol Travel en Aeropuerto de Lanzarote

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Malaga airport

Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport is the oldest of all Spanish airports and one of the original locations of the first airline that was established in Spain in 1919.

The United Kingdom is the destination with the highest volume of passengers, with London/Gatwick airport topping the list, followed by Manchester. Following these British airports are Dublin, Brussels, Charles de Gaulle, Amsterdam/Schiphol, and Copenhagen.

Currently, it occupies first place in Andalusia, fourth in terms of traffic volume among airports in Spain, third in the Iberian Peninsula, and eighteenth in the European Union. In 2023 it reached 22,344,373 passengers, figures that place it as the great gateway for tourism not only for the Costa del Sol but for all of Andalusia since it represents around 80% of all international traffic in the community.

Ibersol Travel Spain manages 8 restaurants. Among them three Dehesa Santamaría, the tavern par excellence, with a wide variety of tapas and portions. Fast Food concepts with Pans&Company and Cafeterias such as Caffè di Fiore, Café Pans and Central Café. Soon we will have 2 Pret a Manger restaurants, one in the air zone and the other on the ground.

Central Café en Aeropuerto Málaga

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Gran Canaria airport

Gran Canaria airport is the busiest airport on all the islands. It represents a strategic point for the entry of international tourists to the Canary archipelago, since 60% of the passengers are of foreign origin.

In 2021 it reached 12.5 million passengers and registered 119,530 flight operations.

Ibersol Travel Spain manages 5 stores with essentially coffee brands such as Caffè di Fiore, CafePans and Coffe Republic, as well as EatOut’s Brewery and Tapas brand, Dehesa Santamaría.

Local Pans&Company en Aeropuerto de Gran Canaria

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Alicante airport

Alicante Airport, officially Alicante-Elche Airport, closed 2018 with a traffic of 13.9 million passengers, becoming the fifth busiest airport in Spain. It is the gateway to the Costa Blanca region, as well as serving both the Valencian Community and the Region of Murcia. It is located 9 kilometers from the city of Alicante.

In 2023, the Alicante-Elche airport recorded traffic of 15,747,678 passengers, 100,547 operations and 4,461 tons of cargo.

Ibersol Travel Spain will manage a FOODMARKET with an attractive market-like design, with products on display and showcooking, which integrates a complete restaurant offering, including a Central café, a Wok Street, a Ribs and a Café Pans.

Local Eat. en el Aeropuerto de Alicante

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