Pans & Company

Mediterranean Sandwiches

PANS means passion for bread and sandwiches and that is why the company has spent 25 years giving them the star treatment they deserve at 100 restaurants in Spain, Portugal and Italy.

Its sandwiches mean you can eat in a balanced way, enjoying your food and also enjoying everything else. They don’t take up your time, and don’t slow you down. They adapt to suit your life and your plans, so you don’t have to give up anything. They allow you to use your time better and spend it on what is truly important. Pans sandwiches mean you don’t have to give up anything in your life.

Pans offers sandwiches that are different, innovative and irresistible, thanks to a wide variety of types of bread and surprising combinations of ingredients that lead to new, exquisite recipes. Its sandwiches can be accompanied by light salads and tasty side dishes such as patatas bravas, onion rings or mozzarella sticks. Not to mention the range of ice creams and pastries that give your meal a sweet touch.

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