It has launched new businesses for the travel sector, as well as opening establishments for its own and third-party brands.

Eat Out strengthens its commitment to the travel sector. Among the latest innovations are the actions taken at Barcelona-El Prat Airport, where, in addition to renewing the range with brands from its portfolio, some of them also have a new image, including franchise agreements with companies from other groups. Specifically, the gastronomic range of T2 has recently been extended with ‘B by fresh & ready’, an evolution of its brand ‘Fresh & Ready’, which is focused on fresh, natural products such as sandwiches, fruit, milkshakes and juices. The terminal has also just opened a Ribs restaurant as part of its chain, which is themed around the cuisine and lifestyle of the United States, offering products cooked on a charcoal grill. This restaurant will be the second that the brand locates in an airport, after the opening last December of a ‘Ribs’ restaurant in Fuerteventura Airport.

These two establishments complement the commercial range of terminal 2 of Barcelona Airport, which now has 13 catering spaces and 26 shops. Eat Out operates other establishments there as part of its companies ‘Caffè di Fiore’ (3), ‘Dehesa Santamaría’ and ‘Pans & Company’. Along with these, Áreas, which is a specialist in travel services, operates several points of sale under the brands ‘Deli & Cia’ (own) and ‘Burger King’, which in the coming two months will be joined by ‘Dots’ (own, with presence in Portugal) and ‘Santa Gloria’.

This restaurant joins the T1 catering range of establishments, which includes around fifteen establishments operated by Eat Out, both own brands and third-party brands. These include ‘Caffè di Fiore’ (3), ‘Coffee Republic’, ‘Dehesa Santamaría’ (2), ‘Pans & Company’, ‘Breadway’, ‘Häagen Dazs’, ‘Porta Gaig’, ‘Qu-Qu’ and ‘Semon Air’. The range also includes ‘McDonald’s’ (4) and establishments operated by other specialists such as SSP (Asador del Mar, – Moncho’s), Airfoods (‘Costa Coffee’, ‘Lizarrán’) or Áreas (‘Selecta XV’, ‘Deli&Cia’).

Eat Out and its travel channel division

However, the presence of Eat Out in the travel channel extends to other transport centres. Just a few weeks ago, the company won the concession for the operating of the catering area of Minorca Airport for the next 8 years, as well as carrying out various updates to its culinary range at the Malaga and Fuerteventura sites. Regarding the Balearic Islands airport, the company has taken over eight establishments, including a ‘Pans & Company-Cafe’ and ‘Caffè di Fiore’, as well as another ‘Ribs’ and a ‘Dehesa Santamaría’ – which has just undergone a restyling of its image and concept -, ‘Gambrinus’, ‘Coffee Republic’ and ‘Breadway’. In the latter case, this is a new brand created by Eat Out, which includes the grab & go concept and bears the slogan “your daily sandwich store”, featuring a wide range of sandwiches made of different kinds of bread. The area devoted to catering in Minorca Airport exceeds 3,000 m2 throughout the terminal building. Two of these will be in the public area and the rest in the boarding area. In the latter case, this is a new brand created by Eat Out, which includes the grab & go concept and bears the slogan “your daily sandwich store”, featuring a wide range of sandwiches made of different kinds of bread.

Agreement with Beer&Food

Concerning the opening of the bar ‘Gambrinus’, this will be the result of an agreement between Eat Out and the Beer&Food group. This space, which will soon be joined by another in Malaga Airport, will mean the debut of the ‘Gambrinus Gastro-Cervercería’ gastropub concept at these locations. In this regard, Gambrinus Gastro-Cervecería has been conceived in order to adapt to the demands and changes in the market, and elevates its gastronomic level with the aid of chef Jesús Almagro, who has worked closely with the company on the menu design. The new establishments will offer an image that has been designed by the interior architect Miguel García Caridad, who has combined rustic materials with a more industrial inspiration, along with current design trends, such as the use of cement tiles. Since its creation in 2015, Gambrinus Gastro-Cervecería has been in a process of expansion, which will be boosted in the short term with the opening of two new establishments in Madrid and one in Algeciras.

Eat Out has thereby confirmed its commitment to the travel channel segment, in which the group operates over 60 points of sale, including a dozen under third-party brands. It therefore has a presence in six airports in Spain and three high-speed railway stations.


EatOut Travel is the travel restaurant division owned by Ibersol Group. It is one of the largest food restaurant groups on the Iberian Peninsula, with over 640 restaurants, managing its own brands, like Pans&Company, Ribs, Santamaría and FrescCo, and international licences like Burger King, Pizza Hut and KFC.

EatOutTravel is currently present in Spain’s leading airports and rail stations, and provides its services in other locations too, such as large fashion outlets and football stadiums.

To serve its customers, EatOut Travel has a complete portfolio of over 25 leading national and international restaurant brands that span the entire range of food services and adapt perfectly to the demands and trends of any type of customer or location.

Eat Out is part of Ibersol (Euronext Lisbon IBERSOL, SGPS), one of the main restaurant operators on the Iberian Peninsula, with sales of 450 million euros and an EBITDA of 61 million euros in 2018. It manages its own brands, like Pans & Company, Ribs, Santamaría and FrescCo, and licences like Burger King, Pizza Hut and KFC.