Innis & Gunn

Master brewers

Innis & Gunn started when Master Brewer Dougal Gunn Sharp founded the brewery in 2003. The brewery has grown since then to be one of Scotland’s most successful international craft brewers, exporting to over 35 countries. Winning over fifty awards, Innis & Gunn beers are renowned for quality.

Our Innis&Gun restaurant offers relaxed drinking and dining experiences for beer and food enthusiasts looking for flavour, passion and craft.

We believe pairing great beer with food is a match made in heaven. We’ve matched some of our flavour packed beers with delicious dishes such as special burgers & sides, hot dogs, sandwiches, salads & desserts.

The beers on offer are varied, from fresh, unpasteurised Innis & Gunn beer direct from the brewery, to craft beer offerings from Scotland and the rest of the world. And if beer isn’t your thing, then we also have a delicious range of wines and spirits, to suit all palates.

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